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About Us - Allegro Coffee

About Us

We were founded in the 1970s by specialty coffee pioneers who believed that where your coffee comes from matters. Forty years later, we are still guided by this founding spirit. Every great cup of Allegro Coffee works hard to create fairness for farmers, healthy ecosystems, and prosperity for the people and communities we serve.

Our History

We believe in coffee with character.

In 1977, when Allegro Coffee was born, this was a novel idea. We were founded with a vision to find a better way to source high quality coffees from farmers dedicated to environmental stewardship and worker livelihood. Our inspiration grew, bolstered by the burgeoning natural food movement in the 80s and 90s and the widespread desire for a more thoughtful food system.

While we’ve grown and evolved over the past 40 years, we remain true to our guiding principle: where your coffee comes from matters.


How We Source

The foundation of our responsible sourcing model is our network of long-term, direct partnerships with coffee and tea producers around the world. Our small team of buyers travels the globe to cultivate and maintain these important relationships. Our aim is to create a positive impact in the entire supply chain, from seed to cup.

While our producer partners work within a storied tradition, our partnerships keep us looking ever towards the future, in anticipation of the challenges of tomorrow – like our changing climate, global labor shortages, and fluctuating crop markets.

In the years since our founding, we have expanded our partnership-based model to include the sourcing of fine, sustainable teas and botanicals. As with our coffee partnerships, we seek out environmentally conscious tea producers with a commitment to worker wellbeing. Our full line of fragrant and flavorful teas offers something for everyone.

Making Coffee Matter

Through our Making Coffee Matter program, we provide funding to nonprofit organizations that make a positive impact in their communities, creating meaningful partnerships that we celebrate through a rotating series of delicious seasonal coffees.

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Allegro Coffee Roasters

Outside our main roastery in Denver, we now have six small-batch shops across the country under the name Allegro Coffee Roasters. It’s here where our teams create an immersive craft experience with coffees of unique character sourced from producers who push traditional boundaries with creativity and innovation in their processes.

The result is a line of products with unexpected and exciting flavors rarely found in traditional coffees. Our shops are locally focused to compliment their neighborhoods — atmosphere, design and menus are all influenced by the incredible communities they call home. Relax in our welcoming settings, indulge in our locally-sourced beverage and food menus and elevate your coffee love with our unique coffee line-up, all hand-roasted and packed right in-house.

ACR Locations

Lakeview - Chicago

3201 N Ashland Avenue
Chicago, IL 60657

Berkeley - Gilman

1025 Gilman St
Berkeley, CA

Denver - Tennyson

4040 Tennyson St
Denver, CO

Boulder - Pearl

2905 Pearl St
Boulder, CO

New York - Brooklyn

214 3rd St
Brooklyn, NY

New York - Bowery

95 E Houston St
New York, NY


Our Commitment to Quality

Our commitment to quality and our focus on ethical standards and environmental stewardship have stood the test of time. While we continue our quest on the ground with stronger win-win partnerships, we endeavor to bring soulful sensory experiences to our customers both at home and in our coffee bars.

Passionate coffee people create exceptional coffee experiences and our team is filled with these folks. They pay meticulous attention to our beans and leaves at every stage from sourcing to brewing to ensure you’ll have a fresh, delicious and unique cup of coffee or tea every time.